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Choose Your PIN Wisely

By February 22, 2012

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Does your bank allow you to choose your own personal identification number (PIN)? Some banks don't, because some customers make it too easy on the thieves.

A new study shows that if consumers choose their own PIN, thieves have a decent shot at guessing it when they find a wallet containing personal information (such as the owner's date of birth). When your bank chooses your PIN for you, the odds go down substantially.

If you're lucky enough to choose your own PIN, make sure to get creative. It's okay to use something easy to remember, but it should at least be a combination of multiple data points -- and preferably using information that is not found in your wallet. There are a few tricks out there that can help you create and remember a good PIN.

You might not think it matters, especially if you're protected against fraud. However, consumers generally end up paying the costs one way or another -- so it's worth your while to make it hard on thieves.

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