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Justin Pritchard

Justin Pritchard

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Justin Pritchard helps consumers navigate the world of banking.


Justin began working in the financial services industry when almost nobody was linking checking accounts and moving money online. He helped people use the first generation of online bill-pay services and ACH transfer services, walking internet newbies through the process of setting up payment accounts and making transfers. At the same time, he helped them keep an eye out for fees.

Justin is a freelance author who wrote The Everything Improve Your Credit Book (March 2007). He has worked behind the scenes on other financial publications as a technical reviewer and editor. He has been interviewed on banking topics by online and print media such as Bankrate.com, Forbes.com, CUNA Home & Family Finance, Men's Health, The Sacramento Bee, and others.


Justin has an MBA and MS in Information Systems from the University of Colorado. He completed the CFP education program through The College for Financial Planning.

By Justin Pritchard:

As an avid consumer of personal finance news and analysis, I know there are a lot of options out there. As a consumer, you should take advantage of new developments in banking, but do not need to chase every hot offering. I hope to provide a down-to-earth resource that helps you figure out what's right for you, and get a fair and competitive deal at the bank.


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