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FNBO Direct

First Nebraska's Online Banking


First National Bank of Omaha Direct

FNBO Direct is First National Bank of Omaha's online banking service, where accounts are opened, maintaned, and managed online. The accounts target customers who bank virtually, performing transactions electronically instead of via a brick and mortar branch.

Opened in late 2006, FNBO follows a similar model to the popular ING Direct banking. Online banking took a while to catch on with the general public, but has become increasingly popular thanks to innovations in technology and online security.

Account Offerings

FNBO Direct provides online account opening for checking and savings accounts. To fund the account, transfers can be made electronically or via ACH from an exisiting checking account.

The main bonuses of FNBO online checking are the lack of traditional (and expensive) bank rules. There's no minimum balance requirement, no monthly fees and the savings option offers a small interest rate. Of course, there's also no physical bank, so customers who enjoy walking into a branch might not be a good fit for FNBO. If there's a problem, customers must call a 1-800 number or email support.

FNBO has also pioneered the idea of an interest bearing checking account devoted almost entirely to Online Bill Pay. Designed to be funded and used for paying monthly bills, the account comes standard with a check card. Payments are made electronically and via PopMoney using a streamlined bill pay system. While some of us may feel our primary checking accounts are already primarily used to pay the bills, this can be a nice option for those who like to keep monthly expenses and disposable income in separate accounts.

FNBO Mobile

First National Bank of Omaha offers PopMoney, an innovative tool which allows account holders to send money via email or text message. This new technological trend in banking makes traditional bank transactions streamlined and efficient for mobile users.

While many of the accounts at FNBO are similar to ING Direct, the mobile banking features are an attractive plus for consumers who embrace this sort of technology.

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