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MyCheckFree Review

Basics of MyCheckFree Bill Pay


MyCheckFree is a free service allowing you to pay bills online. Instead of writing checks and sending them to service providers, your payments at MyCheckFree are electronic. Let’s look at how MyCheckFree works and the pros and cons.

Electronic Payments

The main attraction of MyCheckFree is the electronic payment feature. You can save time and trips to the mailbox, reduce errors, track your finances, and pay more securely by paying online. MyCheckFree helps you do this.

Using MyCheckFree allows you to pay bills from one place. You don’t have to login to each account to pay electronically or set up ACH debit for every service you use, so it helps you centralize things.

The service is free, and you also save money on postage. However, you have to pay a fee for emergency same-day payments.


Unfortunately, MyCheckFree has a limited number of payees. You can only pay eBills from participating service providers. In 2009, there were a few hundred providers partnered with MyCheckFree, but my local utility company was not one of them.

Note that it may be possible to 'pay anybody' with other CheckFree services, but MyCheckFree (note the 'My') is a free service with limited partnerships.


MyCheckFree is a decent option if all of your payees are available. However, that’s most likely not the case. Instead, you’ll still have to set up online bill pay at your bank or pay a few bills the old fashioned way.

For now, using your bank’s online bill pay service (which is often free) is probably a better option for one-stop-shopping. MyCheckFree might be handy if you switch banks often (because you’d just change your bank account instead of creating a list of payees from scratch), but how often do you switch banks?
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