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While we strive to cover a variety of topics, we don't cover everything about everything. Fortunately, the web is full of useful blogs, podcasts, and communities. This page links to some of the more interesting ones. Of course, we don't write them so we can't take any responsibility for the content. As always, be careful of bad advice and scammers.
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About.com's Banking Forums
Take advantage of the community right here at About.com. Ask questions, share answers, and get more for your money.

Personal Financial Advice on the Web
Personal financial advice for the masses pops up more and more across major new outlets, corporate websites and blogs. Broad spectrum articles can be helpful, but sometimes input from others with experience in similar situations proves to be more relevant.

Andrew Schrage Interview
Q & A with About.com's Financial Planning expert and Money Crashers co-founder Andrew Schrage.

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