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Small Business Banking and Loans

Does your business need to manage cash effectively? If so, it is important that you know what the best business banking services are -- and where to find them. We'll cover everything from opening a business banking account to complex business banking transactions. We'll even cover small business loans.
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ACH Processing Basics
ACH processing allows businesses to collect payments from customers electronically. Businesses can save money and reduce errors, as well as automate payments and follow-up on bad checks. Learn the basics of ACH processing.

Remote Deposit
Remote deposit is a way to process payments without sending checks to the bank. With remote deposit, you can scan an image of a check, send the image to your bank, and see the funds added to your account more quickly. Let’s cover the basics of remote deposit capture.

Collateral Loans
A collateral loan is a loan secured by some asset you own. You promise to hand the asset over to the lender if you cannot repay the loan as agreed. By using a collateral loan, the lender takes less risk, and it may be easier for you to get funding. Make sure you know the essentials of collateral loans before you use one.

Bank Reconciliation
Bank reconciliation happens when you compare your records to the banks records. You should do a bank reconciliation at least every month to make sure you know whats happening with your accounts. Lets review how bank reconciliation works and why it is so important.

Types of Banks
You may hear of different types of banks: investment banks, retail banks, commercial banks, online banks, and others. What do all the words mean? Different types of banks specialize in different lines of business. See the basics on each type of bank.

ING Direct Orange for Business
ING Direct has an online savings account for businesses. This page gives an overview of the ING Direct Orange for Business savings account.

Cashier's Check Fraud - How to Spot Cashier's Check Fraud
Cashiers check fraud is one of the most popular crimes in the internet age. Once thought to be safe, cashiers checks now require extra attention from sellers. Make sure you know all the red flags of cashiers check fraud so you can avoid expensive scams.

Letter of Credit - How Letters of Credit Work
A letter of credit is a promise to pay. Banks issue letters of credit as a way to ensure sellers that they will get paid as long as they do what they've agreed to do. Letters of credit are common in international trade because the bank acts as an uninterested party between buyer and seller.

Lockboxes allow organization to streamline receipts. When customers and business partners write you a check, you need to get those payments into the bank so that you can use the money. Lockbox services make that process more efficient than almost any business can hope for on its own.

Lockbox Services
Lockboxes allow organization to streamline receipts. When customers and business partners write you a check, you need to get those payments into the bank so that you can use the money. Lockbox services make that process more efficient than almost any business can hope for on its own.

How to Get the Best Small Business Loan Terms
Working with banks on small business loans can be easy or difficult it just depends on how prepared you are. Follow this formula for obtaining small business loans and you can move on to the more important things.

How to Win Start Up Business Loans
Start up business loans are difficult to come by. If youre not having luck with other sources, lets dig in and start the process of winning a start up business loan.

5 Reasons Not To Mix Personal & Business Banking
About.com's Small Business guide has the expertise to help you and your business. This article has helpful advice on why you should keep your business banking separate from your personal banking.

What is an Online Bank?
Online banks are banks that you primarily (or exclusively) use on the Internet. They allow you to have more choice and flexibility. You can do things on a computer, and you often get more competitive rates from online banks. Online banks provide services to individuals and businesses.

What is the Central Bank?
A central bank is an organization responsible for managing banking activity. Within the USA the central bank is the Federal Reserve, or 'the Fed'. Other countries have central banks as well. Most consumers do not interact with the central bank. Instead, large financial firms generally work with the central bank in the background.

What is an Investment Bank?
Investment banks help organizations use investment markets. For example, when a company wants to raise money by issuing stocks or bonds, an investment bank helps them through the process. Let's take a look at the basics of investment banks.

What is a Retail Bank?
A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers, otherwise known as 'retail customers'. Retail banks are the banks you most often see in cities on crowded intersections, the ones you probably use for your personal checking account. Let's take a look at the basics of retail banks.

What is a Commercial Bank?
A commercial bank is a bank that works with businesses. Businesses have unique needs that consumers don’t have. For example, some businesses need a commercial bank that can accommodate a large volume of credit card payments and cash deposits. Let's take a look at the basics of commercial banks.

Retail Lockboxes
Retail lockbox services help you process payments efficiently. Retail lockboxes are best for organizations that process a large volume of relatively small payments. While the dollar amounts may be small, the money adds up.

Wholesale Lockboxes
Wholesale lockbox services allow you to streamline receivables. Wholesale lockboxes are best for organizations that process a small volume of payments. Because these payments may be high dollar items, getting the money in your system quickly is essential.

Entreworld.org - Finances
The Kauffman Foundation is actively involved in helping entrepreneurs. Their Financing page is a comprehensive resource that will help you review all the possible ways of financing your business activities.

Business Bank Loans
When a business first starts operation, a business bank loan is often what keeps things moving. How do you get a good business bank loan? It depends on the nature of your business. This page is intended for smaller businesses trying to find funding through business bank loans.

Lockboxes - Treasury Management
Lockboxes are one of the most powerful treasury management tools. If you would like to find out how to get your customer payments faster and with less processing, check out this whitepaper from LaSalle bank. It covers the basic benefits of lockbox services.

Loan Resources From the Small Business Association
Small businesses often need loans to get up and running. The Small Business Association has plenty of resources on the various programs available for U.S. businesses including micro-loans and special purpose loans.

Business Credit Card Facts
Using a business credit card can help you manage your business and build credibility. Because it’s an important move, make sure you know the challenges. Let’s review key points you’ll need to know before you apply for a business credit card.

How to Build Business Credit
Just like personal credit, you need to build business credit. The process is similar to building personal credit. However, you should add a few extra steps as you build business credit.

Building Business Credit
You may be able to get loans using your personal credit, so why bother building business credit? It’s best to keep personal and business matter separate. Building business credit works differently than building personal credit, and it’s used differently. You can also protect yourself by building business credit.

Business Credit Basics
Business credit is similar to personal credit. It is a way for others to determine how likely you are to pay loans and bills. While personal credit is important for small businesses, you should try to establish business credit as well.

Do I Need Separate Credit for Business Loans?
Do I need special credit for business loans? Can't I just use my personal credit to get loans? If you plan to borrow regularly, you should establish separate credit for business purposes. Find our more about business credit.

Do I Need a Credit Card for Business?
Question: Do I need a credit card for business use? I use my personal card for everything and enjoy earning rewards. Is there any point in getting another credit card? Learn whether or not you benefit by getting a credit card for business purchases.

When You Can’t Get Business Credit Without Personal Guarantees
New ventures have a hard time getting business credit without personal guarantees. Lenders don’t know how to judge you, so they demand that you put some skin in the game. Before you sign, learn how to manage risk when you can’t get business credit without personal guarantees.

Personal Guarantee Business Loans
For new ventures, a personal guarantee business loan may be your only choice. Without credit or collateral, you have to put your own personal finances on the line. Before you sign, learn how personal guarantee business loans work and what to watch out for.

Tax Levy Basics
A tax levy happens when tax collectors take possession of your assets. If you owe taxes and dont do anything about it, they may just take what you owe from bank accounts or earnings. Learn how a tax levy works and what to expect.

Personal Guarantee Basics
When businesses borrow money, a personal guarantee may be required. To get the loan, business owners promise that the loan will be repaid. If they cant repay, a personal guarantee allows the lender to go after their personal assets to collect money.

Outstanding Check Letter - Template
A letter you can send to an individual or organization that has not deposited a payment.

How Positive Pay Fights Fraud
Positive Pay makes it harder for thieves to write checks on your account.

Where to get Free Business Checking
Find out how your business can bank without paying fees.

What does ACH Stand For? Electronic Payments Made Easy
Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are an easy way to send or receive money electronically.

Alternatives to PayPal How to Find the Right Solution
Need to get paid, but PayPal isn't doing it for you? Find out what your options are.

How and Where to Open a Business Checking Account
Find out what it takes (and where) to open an account for your business.

Check Verification Services
How does check verification help you accept payments from customers?

Avoid Taking a Bad Check
Bad checks cost money and take time to deal with. What can you do to avoid them?

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