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CD's - Certificates of Deposit

This is your source for information on CD's (Certificates of Deposit). Find out how CD's work and why you might use a CD. You'll also have access to current CD rates so that you can get the best CD for your money.

CD Investment Basics
CD investments allow you to grow your money safely. Learn how they work and what strategies to use for the best returns. By understanding the basics of CD investments and common pitfalls, you can avoid costly mistakes.

CD Ladder Basics
A CD ladder is an investment strategy where you buy several CDs that mature over several years. By using a CD ladder, you make sure that money is available periodically, and you reduce the chances of buying a CD when rates are at their worst. Learn how to use CD ladders and simplify your finances.

Do I Pay Tax on CD Interest?
Certificates of deposit (CDs) are among the safest investments available. What about the interest you earn - is there a CD tax? When do you have to pay tax on CD income, and how can you avoid it? If your CD is not in any type of tax-favored account, you generally have to pay.

Why Use CD Ladders?
People use CD ladders for flexibility and simplicity. They make CD investing easy, and they reduce the likelihood that you’ll make a bad decision. Let’s review why CD laddering is popular.

Bank CD Basics - Using Bank CDs and Finding Top Rates
Bank CDs are among the safest investments available. To get the most from your bank CD investing, you should know how CDs work, where to find them, and what to watch out for. Our bank CD resource page guides you through the process.

How CD Maturities Work - Managing Maturity
Maturity is the date when your CD term ends. At that time, your agreement with the bank comes to an end: the bank can stop paying you the interest they promised, and you can take your cash and walk with it. Find out the details of CD Maturities and why maturity dates are important.

Fast Facts About Brokered CDs
Brokered CDs are simply CDs offered by an intermediary like a financial advisor. It’s important that you understand how to buy brokered CDs, how you’re paying for them, and what to watch out for. Let’s cover some fast facts about brokered CDs.

Annual Percentage Yield - APY
Annual percentage yield (APY) helps you understand what you earn from a CD. Find out how it works and, if you want, how to calculate APY.

CD Penalties - What to Expect and How to Avoid Them
CD's are great savings vehicles for some. However, the most commonly overlooked drawback to CD's is the early withdrawal penalty. Read all about CD penalties, how they work, and how you might be able to avoid paying a penalty.

CD Interest Rate Scorecard
Who has the best CD rates? It always pays to do some homework and search locally, but this list shows competitive rates you can take advantage of now.

CD Strategy
Are you just buying CDs and hoping for the best? How can you maximize your returns? By using a CD strategy, you can make informed decisions about which CDs to buy and how to arrange your holdings. Use a different CD strategy for different goals, and you’ll make the most of your money.

CD Basics - Investor Pitfalls
Bank CDs are among the safest investments available. To get the most from your CDs, you should know how they work. Like all things in life, CDs have disadvantages. Learn what to watch out for and you'll probably never have a problem.

How to Get the Best CD Rates
Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) are among the safest investment vehicles out there. To get the best CD rates, you have to know where to look and what to do. This page helps you find the best CD rates available.

How CDs Work
If you’re just getting started with bank CDs, you should learn the basics. You’ll need to know some basic terms and concepts to take advantage of CDs. Once you know the rules of the road you can get started

Surprising CD Rates
Why would short term CD rates be the same as (or better than) longer term CD rates? You might expect that longer term CDs should pay a better APY than shorter term ones. Sometimes that’s not the case. When this happens, the banks are telling you something.

Laddering CDs
About's Financial Planning guide provides a helpful overview of the CD laddering strategy.

Barbells - CD Strategy Using Barbells
A barbell strategy involves using short-term and long-term investments. However, you use very few (or none at all) medium term investments. As a CD strategy, you might buy three month CDs and three-year CDs only.

CDARS - Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service
CDARS stands for Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service. CDARS is a program that allows you to spread your money among various banks, usually to stay below FDIC insurance limits at any given bank. CDARS is a way to have somebody else do it for you.

CD Basics - How They Work, Getting the Best CD Rates, Pitfalls
Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are one of the safest investment vehicles out there. Learn how they work, how to get the best CD rates, and what pitfalls to watch out for.

Bullets - CD Strategy Using Bullets
A bullet strategy involves setting your investments up to mature around the same time. You might buy CDs over time, but the goal is to have them mature all at once.

Bank CD Rates
Make sure that you fully understand how bank CD rates work. This resource informs you about how bank cd rates are determined. You'll know what to look for, and we'll direct you towards the best bank cd rates.

How do CDs Work?
Howstuffworks.com has created a friendly and brief introduction to CDs. You'll get an idea of when a CD is the right savings vehicle to use.

CD Account - Overview
CD accounts allow you to grow your money safely. Learn how they work and what strategies to use for the best returns. Learn the basics of CD accounts and start using them.

Bankrate.com CD Comparisons
Bankrate.com offers a comparison of nationwide CD rates. Compare the rates you're getting against these.

9 Tips for CD Buyers
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has compiled a nice list of things you need to investigate before buying a CD.

Avoid the CD Rollover Blues
This article explains how CD's renew themselves if you don't take any action -- and what that means. You'll find some useful tips on keeping your money where you want it to be.

Basics of the CD IRA
A CD IRA is money invested in a bank product within a retirement account. CDs and IRAs do not always have to go together, but some people choose to invest with CD IRAs. Learn more about how they work and who should use them.

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