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How to Verify Funds

Verify Funds Before You Deposit a Check


Can you verify funds on a check somebody writes you? It may be helpful to know if the check will bounce ahead of time. You can avoid bank fees if you verify funds, and you can start taking steps to collect a valid payment from the person.

Contact the Bank

To verify funds on a check, contact the bank the money is coming from. Find the bank’s name on the check, and then look up their phone number. It is best to verify funds using a phone number you find on your own (from the bank’s website, for example). If you just call a number printed on a check and the check is fake, you’ll end up talking to a fake 'banker'.

Some banks make it difficult to verify funds. They may require you to visit a branch or pay a fee, and they might even refuse to verify funds for their customers. At the least, they should eventually tell you if the account exists. From there, you’ll have to take your chances.

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