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Writing Checks

Complete Guide to Writing Checks


Writing a check may seem simple to some, but not to everybody. Learn the basics of writing checks from start to finish. We’ll cover important steps and alternatives to writing checks.

Before You Write a Check

Find out how exactly how it’s done. We’ve got several resources on writing checks, including a helpful video.

The resources above show you how easy it is, and they cover how you can protect yourself when writing checks.

Is Writing Checks Necessary?

You may find that writing checks is a bad idea. Instead of using pen and paper, you may find that life is easier if you take the high tech route instead. You can use a debit card for purchases and use online bill pay services instead of writing checks.

Once you go electronic, you may decide that writing checks is a pain. They always seem to move through the mail more slowly, and there are other pitfalls of writing checks (see below).

After Writing a Check

After you write a check, it’s essential that you keep track of it. You’ll avoid overdraft expenses, embarrassment, and headaches that come with bounced checks. Enter each check you write into your check register - every time.

Problems With Writing Checks

You know that there are alternatives to writing checks, right? If not, here are some pitfalls of writing checks:

Some people insist on writing checks since they like to have a physical record on hand. While that makes sense, you have to remember that there are always tradeoffs in life. Evaluate the pitfalls of writing checks and see if you can live without paper checks for a while.
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