1. Money

Children and Saving

Children who learn to save at an early age have a great advantage. Here you'll find tools for teaching children to save. Families can enjoy the process and financial benefits of having money-savvy kids.

Overview of 529 Plans - How 529 Plans Work
529 plans are programs that allow people to save money for higher education. While each state has its own 529 plan, all 529 plans share some features. Let’s look at some basic features to help you save for college or graduate school.

Savings Safari - Bank Accounts For Kids
Want to get your children interested in saving? Take them on a Savings Safari. A Savings Safari is a program where banks and credit unions open a bank account for kids and make the process fun and interesting. Over the years, this will hopefully keep your child interested in saving and learning about money.

Savings Accounts for Kids
Using a Savings Account to Teach Kids Financial Literacy. Children and Saving Money With a Savings Account.

Where Does Your Money Go?
This is a friendly primer on budgeting and managing debt for children and young adults.

Teach Children to Save
The American Bankers Association has wonderful resources for families and educators. You'll find ideas on teaching kids a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate children and young adults about their community, economics, and business. Kids can learn how banks and other institutions impact their lives. You can use Junior Achievement programs to teach your children about saving and money.

Savings Bond Information
A lot of people have used savings bonds to help children save. You buy these bonds at at banks and credit unions. Use the U.S. Treasury Department's resources to get a quick overview of how savings bonds work.

Bank Account Tips for Teens
Financial habits are established early in life, and when it comes to teens and money the issue is particularly important. Teenagers have a few short years to prepare for college before being on their own.

Checking Accounts for Kids
Teach financial literacy to kids early by opening a checking account. Put the money kids earn into a checking account early on to start them on the right track.

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