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How Wire Transfers Work

Instructions on How to Wire Transfer Funds


Need to send money quickly and securely? If so, you’ll want to know how wire transfers work and how to set one up. The process is fairly easy. Learn how to wire transfer money.

How Wire Transfers Work

When you do a wire transfer, your bank sends money electronically to another bank. The transfer is virtually instant, and these transfers are among the safest and most reliable transfers available.

Sending a Wire Transfer

If you need to know how to wire transfer money, here are the basics:

  • Get recipient/payee information
  • Make sure your account has the funds ready
  • Contact your bank to find out how to wire transfer money
  • Submit instructions to your bank
  • Confirm that your request was received in good order
More complete details on how to wire transfer money are on the page below: Once you know how to wire transfer funds, it’s pretty easy. If possible, you should try to find alternatives to wire transfers since they can be a pain to set up, and you generally have to pay a fee.
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