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Open an Account at a Bank or Credit Union

Here you'll find tools and advice for opening an account at a bank or credit union. You'll find out what questions to ask and what you should compare. We'll also cover the steps necessary to open a savings account, open a checking account, or open a CD account. You'll even find what you need to open an online banking account.
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Open Bank Account in 7 Easy Steps - How to Open Bank Account
If you want to open a bank account, you'll want to read this roadmap. I'll cover the 7 essential steps to open a bank account, whether you want to open a bank account online or in person. You'll have an open bank account in no time.
Basics of Internet Bank Accounts
While internet bank accounts can help you earn more interest, you have to make sure you get the right one. Compare the most common features of internet bank accounts and decide which ones are most useful to you. We’ve conducted reviews of the most popular accounts, and you’ll know exactly which internet bank account to open.
Finding the Bank That's Right For You
Looking to open a bank account? Before you fill out those forms make sure you're going to get into the right relationship. Read this article for some ideas on finding the best bank.
Are Your Funds Insured?
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures deposits at member banks. If you are concerned about the safety of your savings, visit their site to find out how safe your money is.
How Banks Work
A broad overview of how banks work, the different types of institutions, and why they exist.
Directory of Banks
Here you'll find a directory of banks, credit unions, and online banks. Remember you can also look for local community banks if you want to open an account.
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