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Reader Reviews: Popmoney Reviews

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By Angel


My Review 

Try the service, failed.

1. I transferred the money. After 1 months receiver call me that money never show up. My bank claim everything is ok, money was deducted, sent was completed for a month. Receiver bank said they did not receive any money, it is your bank's problem. 3 way call, both said I don't know why, my record show it is not my fault. I ask what should I do? The money disappear between 2 banks?

After keep complaints, the money suddenly come back to my bank.

I ask who is fault at this transaction? My bank said receiver bank refund the money after you complaint. Receiver bank said we never received, so we never refund.

At the end, we found out it is Popmoney holding the money for itself for some reason and did not inform anyone.

If it is business transaction, surely will loss business that way.

Did you pay a fee? 

no, but time is money, spend weeks and weeks to talk to customer service.

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