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Bank Online

What makes online banking so appealing? It's your best bet for free checking and high-interest savings accounts. But you can also pay bills, deposit checks, and manage your credit from just about anywhere.

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Convert Percentages and Decimals

There are two easy ways to convert percentages to decimal format (and back). This skill is essential for understanding how your bank accounts and loans work.

When to Take a Credit Limit Increase

Is there any harm in accepting a credit limit increase? It depends on what your lender is offering.

Checking Accounts: Your “Ready to Spend” Account

A checking account is an account for money that you're ready to spend. Funds are safe but easily accessible, and you can make payments by check, debit card, or electronic transfer.

Is PayPal Safe?

Is it safe to make purchases and sell goods through PayPal? The technology is good, but you should be aware of a few risks.

Safe Online Payment Methods

How should you pay when you shop online: credit card, PayPal (or similar), or debit card? See the pros and cons of each payment method.

Avoid Taking a Bad Check

A bad check is a major expense for businesses. Find out how to reduce the odds of accepting bad checks from customers.

Lost or Stolen Cashier’s Check? No Longer Need It?

What do you do about a lost or stolen cashier's check? How about a check that you decided not to use? Find out the steps required to get your money back. You can't just stop payment unfortunately.

How to Pay off Debt Early

You can save a lot of money if you pay off debts quickly. The methods below will improve your chances. Before you choose one, make sure you understand how to pay off debt early with each lender. There may be fees or special steps you need to take.

FHA Loan Basics

FHA loans are appealing for several reasons, but they're not perfect. These loans allow you to buy with a small down payment, and they're easier to qualify for. Find out how they work.

What is a Credit Line?

A credit line is an available amount of money that you can borrow. What is a credit line used for? Just about anything. You can get a credit line for personal or business spending. Find out what a credit line is and how they’re used.

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