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CD Investment Basics

How to Use CD Investments


CD investments allow you to grow your money safely. Learn how they work and what strategies to use for the best returns. By understanding the basics of CD investments and common pitfalls, you can avoid costly mistakes.

CD Investment Basics

If you need to start from scratch, learn what CD investments are: certificates of deposit that guarantee you a return from the bank over time. By locking your money up, you earn a little bit more from CD investments.

Using CD Investment Strategies

You don’t have to think very hard when you buy CDs, but you might improve your returns with some strategy. Laddering, bullets, and barbells are all CD investment approaches that can help you reach your goals more effectively.

Getting the Best Rates

Not all CD investments are the same. Rates change from bank to bank, and for other reasons. You should understand what influences rates and how to find the best rates. Over your lifetime, better CD investment results will mean more money to spend on the things you value.

CD Investment Safety

CDs are considered to be among the safest investments available. However, you have to make sure that any CD investment you’re considering is really safe. Make sure you’re at a government insured institution, and that you’re below the insurance limits.

Investment Managers

If you don’t want to handle your CD investments by yourself, you can always hire somebody. Of course, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with and avoid scams and ponzi schemes. If you hire somebody, they may use brokered CDs, which are a little different from plain vanilla CD investments.

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