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Endorse Checks With Your Account Number

Protect Your Deposit


If you want to be certain that a check only gets deposited to your account, include your account number when you endorse the check. The bank will only deposit funds to an account you authorize, so it's harder for a thief to divert that money into his pocket.

To endorse a check with your account number, write 'For deposit only to account ######' in the check's endorsement section (of course you'll use your actual account number instead of the number signs).

With that restriction, you're a little safer. If the check is lost or stolen, a scammer will have to erase or change the instructions to get your money. If you endorse your checks with ink, it’s not easy to alter the endorsement.

Your signature may or may not be required - check with your bank before depositing an unsigned check.

You may even be able to keep your account number off the check if you like. Whoever wrote the check to you can order a copy of the check, so they can find out what your account number is (and what your signature looks like) unless you practice Top Secret Check Endorsing.

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