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How to Fill Out a Check

Tips and Instructions to Fill Out a Check


If you’re new to checkwriting, you may not know how to fill out a check. The process is easy once you learn the basics. Learn how to fill out a check properly, and what you can do to stop writing checks if you want to use alternative forms of payment.

How to Fill Out a Check

To fill out a check properly, you need to put the following items on the check:

  • The current date
  • Who the check gets paid to
  • How much (in numeric and written form) the payment should be
  • Any additional information needed (memos, driver’s license number, etc)
  • Your signature
You should always use a pen so that nobody can alter your writing.

Examples and More Details

To get a better idea of how to fill out a check, watch a video or go through a tutorial. They’ll show you where everything goes as you fill out your check, and how you can protect your account.

After You Fill Out a Check

To avoid fees and trouble, you should keep track of your spending. Make sure you record every transaction in a check register as part of your routine every time you fill out a check. You’ll know where your money is going, and you’re less likely to bounce checks.

Alternatives to Paper Checks

You may find that it’s too much trouble to fill out a check every time you want to pay for something. It may be faster, easier, and safer to use an electronic form of payment. See if you can make your life easier by going electronic.

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