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Credit.com Review

What to Expect From Credit.com


Credit.com is one of the most popular websites for learning about your credit. You can also order credit-related products from Credit.com. Let’s take a closer look at the site.

Overview of Credit.com

Credit.com is a legitimate site. You can expect it to be accurate in most cases, and they are not known for any unethical practices. Credit.com earns money by selling products and partnering with other businesses, but somebody has to pay the bills to keep the site up and running.

Education and Answers

The most valuable areas of Credit.com are the sections labeled Education and Answers. Here, you find articles about your credit, how to use it, and how to choose products. Credit.com also features 'Tips' on subjects like credit cards, loans, debt help, and more. Finally, you can submit questions to Credit.com and see what the experts there think.

The People Behind Credit.com

Credit.com was founded by Adam Levin, a former Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Contributors to Credit.com are personal finance heavyweights as well.

The experts at Credit.com also write more timely pieces in an affiliated blog: CreditBloggers.com.

Credit Scores, Reports, and Loans

You can purchase credit scores and reports from Credit.com. You can also get a loan or credit card there. Again, Credit.com is not a charity, but they offer reasonably competitive products.

Alternatives to Credit.com

Before you pay for credit scores or reports at Credit.com, see if you can get the information you need for free.

If all you need is a copy of your credit report, you may qualify for a free one under consumer protection programs:

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